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A friend of mine, Bob, who is about a whisper away from being a total klutz, recently rewired two add-on rooms in his house with just a little help from the clerk who sold him materials.  The very knowledgeable clerk explained exactly how to install new wire and even drew a simple sketch showing my friend how to connect all the circuits.  The fact that Bob didn’t burn the house down or electrocute himself sold me on the proposition that today’s do-it-yourself movement has come a long way since the time I did my own plumbing work.

It seems like only yesterday that do-it-yourself owners had to learn some basic soddering skills if they intended to do their own plumbing chores. Today, unless you’re messing around with copper supply lines, basic plumbing parts are all made from plastic.  You simply cut ‘em with a hacksaw and glue’ em together.  All that maze of twisted pipes under the kitchen and bathroom sinks….it’s all plastic now.  The whole shootin’ match comes in a card­board box with pictures on the back.  Every clerk at the do-it-yourself store is happy to explain what goes where if you get stuck or end up with parts left over.

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