Enforcement of the rules, whether civil code laws or your own house rules is the best way you develop a smooth running manageĀ­ment operation. Preventative techniques are as important to managing tenants as they are for the doctor who manages your personal health. One of my main criticisms about professional property managers is that they rarely act-mostly they react. They’re always ready and willing to fix the busted door, but only after the horse is outta the barn.

Rent monies are life blood to apartment owners. Yet, I know many property managĀ­ers and owners alike who participate with their tenants each month in a silly little “rent collection ritual.” The tenant starts the game by saying the checks in the mail. Then the landlord begins calling every day or driving out to the property to inform the tenant he hasn’t received it yet. This can go on for weeks.

Don’t allow yourself to be part of this game. Use the rules already on the books: the state landlord-tenant civil laws and your rental contract terms agreed to by your tenant.

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