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discountWhat is a substantial discount?  You may have trouble believing the numbers I’m talking about.  That’s because few sellers need to drop their prices to these levels.  There are too many dummy buyers with more money than… Continue reading


problemAn important point to remember is that people don’t always tell you what their true motivation is.  An owner who advertises a property seeking a lease option could easily be searching for a way to rid himself of managing… Continue reading

Growth Better Than Starting Over

growing sketchGoing for cash flow as a first priority is one of the most important differences between investing, which is what most of us think we’re doing,and speculating, which most of us should not be doing.  When you have cash… Continue reading


value, x, y coordinatesPeople often say to me, “Jay, it makes good sense what you say about determining profits up front before buying a property, but we can’t find decent investment properties that show any profits until some time in the future. … Continue reading


profit bag of moneyMany do-it-yourself investors get started on the wrong foot.  They spend too much time running around and looking at differ­ent properties trying to make predictions about their future potential.  What’s much more important, especially for investors with severely… Continue reading


wrenchAll rundown properties must be brought up to basic minimum building code standards before you can expect them to generate in­come. That’s a must rule for all investment properties.

Sizzle items seldom have anything to do with code problems. … Continue reading

Fixin’ For A Profit

Fixin 4 profitsFixing run-down houses for profits is not the same thing as remodeling houses.  If it  were, lots of custom builders and remodeling contractors would end up rich and handy­man-types like me would be working for them.  Fixing… Continue reading

Learning Cost Of Fix-Up

house and money

Learn The Cost Of Fix-Up

Buying older rundown houses cheap, then fixing them up for a profit has been an excel­lent money-making, low risk investment plan for many years now and it remains the same way today.  It doesn’t… Continue reading

Buying Properties That Pay You

Properties Must Pay YOU
Properties Must Pay YOU

Whether your game plan is to rent or to sell you’ll be much better off to purchase a scruffy-looking property in a decent location (within your fix-up capabilities), than you are to buy a castle with… Continue reading

Fairness Is What You Owe

Landlords often find themselves in serious hot water with tenants because they try to Inject too much logic and common sense into tenant management. Logic and common sense have their place, but they seldom count for much where legal issues… Continue reading

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