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Fairness Is What You Owe

Landlords often find themselves in serious hot water with tenants because they try to Inject too much logic and common sense into tenant management. Logic and common sense have their place, but they seldom count for much where legal issues… Continue reading

Adding Value Can Save You

People often say to me, “Jay, it makes good sense what you say about determining profits up front before buying a property, but we can’t find decent investment properties that show any profits until some time in the future. We… Continue reading

Agents Can Be Best Helpers

Real estate agent drawing

Agents Can Help You!

I’ve heard real estate gurus tell their audiences that an excellent strategy or technique for getting rich is to avoid paying commissions.

Someone will almost always ask, why care about paying commissions when you are buying… Continue reading

Income Properties Should Have Income

Income, thumbs upMany do-it-yourself investors get started on the wrong foot. They spend too much time running around and looking at differ­ent properties trying to make predictions about their future potential. What’s much more important, especially for investors with severely limited bank… Continue reading

Enforce Tenant Rules

Rules (2)

Don’t Play The “Rent Collection Ritual”

Enforcement of the rules, whether civil code laws or your own house rules is the best way you develop a smooth running manage­ment operation.  Preventative techniques are as important to managing tenants as… Continue reading

Fixin’ For Dollars

Secret "Sizzle" Fix-Up Tips
Secret “Sizzle” Fix-Up Tips

All rundown properties must be brought up to basic minimum building code standards before you can expect them to generate in­come.  That’s a must rule for all investment properties.

Sizzle items seldom have anything to… Continue reading

Landlording Requires Skills

Many small mom and pop type investors give up the opportunity to make a ton of money and have a wonderful free come and go lifestyle simply because they never see the importance of learning to be a skilled landlord.… Continue reading

Agents Can Make You Money

real estate agent

An Agent Can Be A Tremendous Asset

 Real estate agents are the eyes and ears of the real estate business. I’d be hard pressed indeed to think of any successful investors I know who got that way without benefitting… Continue reading

It’s Foolish To Avoid Commissions



I pay real estate commissions if agents bring me good deals.  Real estate wealth has nothing to do with stiffing agents.  If you get the reputation for being a “tightwad,” you could lose out on… Continue reading

Cash Flow Gives You Choices

Pencil with "Y" Circled For Yes


When you own the houses, you have your own personal money machine!  Obvi­ously, you must maintain the property and provide the necessary management.  But, in exchange for doing that, you control the… Continue reading

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