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Rich folks earn 20, 30 – even 40 times more than you probably do…But I can assure you they’re not 20 times smarter than you! And most certainly, they don’t work 20 times harder than you do!


Rich people know about the WEALTH FORMULA – They know it’s nearly impossible to earn BIG MONEY working at a regular job – they understand to get rich – YOU MUST EARN MONEY AROUND THE CLOCK – 24 hours everyday and finally…rich folks do what’s necessary to educte themselves so they can use the WEALTH FORMULA to build their KING – SIZE BANK ACCOUNTS.


Owning income producing houses creates the winning formula – the right kind of houses earn money while you sleep. You´re no longer working by yourself – Jay´s Wealth Plan is simple – YOUR HOUSES ARE WORKING 24 HOURS TO EARN YOU MONEY. You simply manage the houses…and of course, MAKE BIGGER BANK DEPOSITS.


Think about this for a moment! When I buy an Income property for $40,000 less than its true market value using my investment knowledge, how much tax do you suppose I’ll have to pay on the $40,000 I’ve just earned using my buying skills? No matter how you do the math, the answer is zip-like in none! Now think about the same $40,000 that you earned last year at the factory in wages. Assume you’re a family of four. I’d bet that when we add up the state, federal and social security taxes withheld from your earnings you’ll be lucky to take home $28,000 for ~ whole year’s worth of work.
The bottom line is this – you must acquire the knowledge to put this plan into action. It’s YOU who must find the RIGHT HOUSES and negotiate with sellers. It´s YOU who must arrange the fix-up and choose the right customers…After that, it´s other people’s money that will make your rich. The question many folks ask…How long does it take to make any serious money using Jay´s Wealth Plan? Surprisingly, not very long if you don´t shortcut your education!

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Opportunities to acquire wealth building real estate have never been better for investors who have the vision and basic skills to charge ahead. While the “chicken little” disciples dance around on the sidelines waiting for the sky to fall, shrewd investors are busy pickin’ cherries off the top branches’

The big chase today is for the huge pool of houses dumped by their owners and foreclosed^ the banks. Obviously, price slashing is the major attraction – but investors should ask themselves – slashed from what? Inflated appraisals to begin with, may not be a sound starting point to determine true value.

When I invest my money, I insist on being able to project my profits and cash flow within a reasonable period of time. If there’s some reason I cant’, then it’s too much risk in my judgment. Having control over financing and terms (like with seller financing) eliminates most of the risk and guarantees III make my profits. Without this control, the best I could do is guess!

At my INVESTOR TRAINING SEMINAR, I’ll teach you how to accurately calculate your cash flow and future profits. My specialty is adding value to unattractive rundown properties. When you visit my properties, you’ll see for yourself – ugliness is only skin deep and can be fixed very quickly when you learn what to do.

The big money is made by investors who learn how to specialize because it’s so much easier to beat out your competition! Following the crowd rarely produces any lasting wealth. Think for a moment – isn’t it always the groupies chasing the latest “get rich” fads, looking for overnight wealth, who end up in the dumper when the economy stalls?

If you’re dead serious about building a lifetime of wealth with properties that earn predictable cash flow year ’round, rain or shine, regardless of a sputtering economy – I can teach you how! You owe it to yourself, your family and your financial future to attend my INVESTOR TRAINING SEMINAR and learn for yourself how it’s done. Youll be pleased with the results – guaranteed!